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Soy Miguel Maltos Gonzales a Chicano photographer y graphic artist born in San Antonio, TX. currently living in Spokane, WA. I express my Mexican, American, and indigenous heritage wherever I go.

Remember, somos de aqui y alla C/S!

.... pero who is this Miguel anyways?

Visit the links below to learn more... pos cliqa hoy!

Spokesman Review - Article

Wh!psmart - Article

Park Bench - Article

Spokane Arts - Art Commissioner

Spokane County Library - Local Chicano artist - Creating online content for BIPOC

Art Administrators of Color - Board member

Pass - Cine y Portrait Gallery

Ave West Gallery - New work showing in person

Format - Portrait Photography

Thumbtack - Let's collab!

Free arte ( Zoom backgrounds )

¡Vamos a leer!

Like and subscribe to the Spanish language story time channel of Doctora Nancy Cecilia Gonzales. Listen to children's stories, and participate in early grade Spanish immersion lessons from Spokane, WA.

Dra. Gonzales is from San Antonio, TX, and has educated nation wide through tele-courses for migrant children. 

Listen to ¡Firme! arte y cuentos podcast. This is a storytelling journey spoken by Chicano artist Miguel Maltos Gonzales.

¡Firme! is the multi generational, and real talk podcast discussing cultural arts, Mexican American culture, and how the two are apart of everyday life in eastern Washington. A sub series of camera cuentos is based on the journey and influences of becoming a chicano photographer from the late seventies to today. Along with Miguel, buena gente (genuinely good people) will sit in and share their experiences on art, activism, social construct of gender, community, culture, y mas.

Visit to live view my artwork on your wall. Esssoooo!

Cliqa aqui for los art calls!

Miguel Maltos Gonzales is the principal artist of, an online cultural marketplace selling prints, and building an Latina/o/x collective. The LTNX artes mission is to connect Latina/o/x creatives to form a stronger community sin barreras.

LTNX artes is the first online tiendita from el east WA!

If you identify as a Latina/o/x creative, join us!


Listen to some San Anto jams while you view my arte below. ¡A mover el bote!

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