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Like and subscribe to the Spanish language story time  YouTube channel of Doctora Nancy Cecilia Gonzales from Spokane, WA.

Dra. Gonzales is from San Antonio, TX, and has educated nation wide through tele-courses for migrant children, in the classroom she has taught bilingual education programs such as dual language, ESL and Spanish language immersion. Dra Gonzales has also reviewed state testing in Spanish. Today she is helping develop language immersion programs, and mentors future bilingual educators. 

Taller: ¡Firme! arte y cuento podcast.

Taller: ¡Firme! (Thai-air - fear-meh) is Spanish for "cool workshop" this online gallery features the original arte of Chicano artist Miguel Maltos Gonzales with guest artists. ¡Firme! is also a podcast on Chicanoism, arte, cultura, heritage y more. Among the episode are a series of stories called Camera Cuentos. These stories are based on Miguel's experience as a photographer continuing his father's photographic journey.

Your support is appreciated with the purchase of art prints, share the gallery with others and subscribe to the podcast. 

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